At Avorium, we have worked hard to create products that are stylish, practical and unique. We believe we have created a suite of gorgeous accessories that are perfect for making any workspace more cheerful. To find out more about what makes our products special, read on…


When designing our notebooks and diaries we had two objectives; to produce them sustainably using eco-friendly materials, and to make them the best quality items on the market. We have achieved both of these goals.

Our notebooks and diaries are made using FSC approved paper. This means our customers can be confident they are helping to ensure our forests are alive for generations to come. FSC paper comes exclusively from sustainable sources and more information can be found here: https://www.fsc-uk.org/en-uk/about-fsc/what-is-fsc/fsc-principles. Our notebooks and diaries are also fully recyclable themselves.The pages are 100gsm weight – the best quality paper used on the market today – so no more seeing your notes through the page! With 160 gorgeous ivory pages, our notebooks are built to last; the same goes for our diaries which include 71 undated weeks as well as a “This diary belongs to” page. The card cover is finished with soft touch lamination giving it a silky smooth feel. Our books even lie flat making every page easy to write on! At Avorium, we are passionate about colour, so each book contains matching cover, flyleaf, page edging and ribbon marker for a chic, unified look. They are even bound using thread stitching to hold the book together firmly for endurance. All of these features make our notebooks and diaries the most chic, durable and practical books on the market – not to mention the most colourful!


With our “leather” products, we wanted to do things differently. Typically, high quality leather goods are brown or black – good quality but a bit boring. On the other end of the spectrum, leather substitutes are used to make more colourful stationery items, but these are generally marketed towards children and are not high quality. At Avorium, we wanted to provide high quality, vegan leather products that are stylish and colourful as well as durable and practical. Here’s how we did it:We acknowledge the impact that using animal products has on the environment – including using parts of animals that are a by-product of the meat industry. Hence, we made the decision to use only vegan leather for all of our “leather” products. Nonetheless, our vegan leather is designed to be strong, resilient, and is even waterproof! Whilst our “leather” looks and feels like traditional leather, it will not dry out over time, or loosen as it is used.We love our “leather”, so decided to design four stunning “leather” products, all available in our eight pastel tones. 

- Our pen pot is a unique square design, lined with durable cloth in a colour matched tone. Made of medium-density fibreboard, it is covered with Avorium vegan leather and tastefully stitched with Pantone matched thread. Sturdy and practical but above all, very cute!

- The Avorium mousepad is simple and elegant with rounded edges and colour matched stitching. It consists of durable greyboard, with one side Avorium vegan leather, the other colour tone matching cloth to prevent slippage. Avorium vegan leather provides the perfect surface for a smooth glide for your mouse.

- Our bookmark is classic and timeless and will look gorgeous poking out of any book. Two layers of Avorium vegan leather pressed over offset paper to produce a firm, durable bookmark – you’ll never lode your place again! We included a matching tone ribbon with vegan leather tassel as a finishing flourish and glazed the edges to a provide smooth outer surface.

- The Avorium folio is our most luxurious product; once again, it is strong and durable whilst being suave and professional. Lined with gorgeous colour matched stitching, it even has pockets for notes and documents. Like our notebooks and diaries, it contains the best quality, FSC approved, ivory paper. Our folio is designed to last, so paper refills are available to purchase.


We’re really proud of our resin products; the different material adds another dimension to our suite of products. They are bold and make a statement whilst serving the most practical of purposes.Our coaster is simple and stylish; circle shaped including a small lip to prevent any spillages leaking out onto your desk. It is also coated with a waterproof finish to prevent coffee rings. Crucially, its is wipeable and easy to clean. What’s not to love?!Similarly, our phone stand is another statement piece; built to last and based with fabric so as not to damage your desk. It’s so cute, it could even double as a paper weight! It’s designed to comfortably hold all smartphone and tablet models at a convenient angle for viewing content. It conveniently works with the device both portrait and landscape.


One of our most popular products is the Avorium plant pot; designed with an aesthetically pleasing height to width ratio (14cm tall with 14cm diameter) it perfectly accommodates standard size house plants. We decided to make our plant pots out of dolomite as it is a naturally occurring rock – it is not synthetically produced. Dolomite is actually harder and more durable than other similar stones such as limestone – it is even stronger than marble! Our pots are coated with a smooth Pantone glaze providing an even and professional finish.


We are passionate about personalisation! Whether you’re giving a gift or sprucing up your own desk, adding a personal touch such as a name or initial really sets your accessories apart. We offer gold foil personalisation on five of our products: notebook, diary, mousepad, bookmark and folio. We print with resolution of 300 dots per inch which always creates a crisp, sharp print. Foil stamping is completely dry and solvent free and paper that has been foiled is able to be recycled. It really is the perfect way to make your desk professional and unique. So there you have it – all of our Avorium products in all their colourful glory. What’s your favourite? Let us know!