Desk Inspiration

Pink and Green Desk Setup
Affection x Harmony

The green and pink combination is a pastel dream. They complement each other and bring an airy, light feel to a desk. 


Yellow and Pink Sustainable Desk Setup

Optimism x Affection

Some people say this combination reminds them of a Battenberg cake. The Yellow and Pink are actually quite contrasting colours and make each other look extra vibrant.


Green and Blue Desk Organisation

Clarity x Harmony

Green and Blue are just delightful together. Working alongside these two colours will surely create a relaxed, mindful work workspace. 


Peach and Grey Notebook and Diary

Imagination x Balance

The Grey and Peach combo can't be overlooked. This marriage of colours is mature but also fun, perfect for a professional that wants a pop of colour in their life. 


Yellow and Blue Vegan Leather Folio and Notebook 

Optimism x Clarity

Yellow and Blue are very contrasting. Yellow is a warm colour and of course blue is a cold one, but somehow they look fantastic together. 


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