Every pen sold plants a tree!

 As an independent business, it’s crucial to adhere to our beliefs. Avorium isn’t just about bespoke desk accessories and wedding stationary; sustainability is also a core element of our brand. We strive to ensure that all our products and packaging are the most environmentally friendly they can be, and that’s what makes us exceptional.


Avorium wouldn’t be Avorium without our partners which allow us to pursue our passion for sustainability, such as the Eco-Alliance which make it possible for our packaging to beautiful without costing the environment. We also work with the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), which you can read more about in our blog about Avorium’s paper! Being a FSC certified organisation


Here at Avorium, we have teamed up with Earthly, an organisation who empower businesses to “work in partnership with nature, not against it.” Thanks to Earthly, with every ball-point pen we sell, we plant a tree! Meaning that, in the 17 months that our store has been open, we have contributed to the planting of 115 trees and have supported 21,047 square metres of forest. Alongside this, all sales of our pens have contributed to 15.18 tonnes of carbon being removed from the atmosphere through Earthly, which is the equivalent of flying for 61 hours on an airplane! Earthly gives us the opportunity to support the development of two Mangroves in Madagascar, the protection of the world's second-largest intact rainforest, Mai Ndombe in the DRC, and the protection of the Amazon Rainforest in Madre de Dios, Peru, also called the Brazil Nut Concessions project, as it also aims to create a sustainable market for Brazil nut harvesting.


According to the WWF, disruption of forests causes about 10% of global warming. Not only does deforestation affect animals and their habitats, but it can also threaten indigenous and tribal livelihoods and culture, as well as promote diseases such as malaria. Social implications of deforestation also include reduced access to plants with medicinal properties, affecting health systems and vulnerable people globally.


Mangroves are dynamic carbon sinks which have been proved to sequester carbon up to four times more than the average rainforest. Earthly is packed full of information on the importance of the mangroves we are supporting in Madagascar, for example, each mangrove tree removes around 308kg of CO2 from the atmosphere over the course of its lifecycle. All the projects we support create fair employment opportunities for local people and communities.


Just one sale of a ball-point pen makes a huge difference to the environment – but to use a pen, you must have paper, contributing to deforestation, right? Not at Avorium! As our paper is FSC approved, we do not contribute to deforestation as all the paper (and our packaging!) is sourced through sustainable processes and responsible forest management, and all trees are replanted, including additional trees!


Environmental degradation is a serious issue that affects everyone and will continue to affect generations to come if we don’t create and support strategies to prevent climate change and protect ecology. For us, being involved with these organisations is so fulfilling, as we know our business is contributing to fixing global climate issues, socially and environmentally.


Written by Ebony x