How to Bullet Journal

A Bullet Journal is a necessary addition to anyone’s workspace, bedside table, or backpack. Bullet journals can be used to systemize scheduling, reminders, to-do lists, mind-mapping, and other organizational tasks – and that’s all in a single book!

Bullet journals are not only incredibly practical, but they are also actually “a mindfulness practice disguised as a productivity system”. Creator Ryder Carroll says this method will help you live a more productive and meaningful life, so who wouldn’t want to get involved!

Opening your first page of a bullet journal and staring at a page full of dots might seem strange and you might feel a bit lost, so this blog aims to explain how you may wish to structure a bullet journal.

All bullet journals will include the following in the order shown:

1. Index – This section sits in the front of your notebook and is essentially a table of contents.
2. Future Log – This section is typically a four-page spread that shows your future year (3 months per page), it can include birthdays and major holidays.
3. Monthly Log – This section is a two-page spread depicting a month-long calendar, including tasks you’d like to complete during the month. Once each month is completed, a new month is constructed.
4. Daily Log – This is a day to-day to-do list. 

Symbols that you should be familiar with when using a bullet journal are included in the below key:

Task migration is when a task may be moved to the next day or beginning of next monthly log (short term), and task scheduling is when a task is moved to the corresponding future log, to be completed in that period in general. Once you've Migrated open Tasks, check your Future Log. See if any Tasks or Events listed there have become current. If so, migrate those entries from your Future Log into your new Monthly Log.All symbols can be changed to your taste, and ways in which to use a bullet journal are almost limitless. We will be posting more blogs discussing other creative ways to use a bullet journal, so keep an eye out!In case you need more information of how to bullet journal, the following website is a great platform to explore just that: