How to keep cool in a heatwave while working from home

Drink lots of water! It may seem obvious, but drinking water constantly is a big deal. We should be drinking 6 to 8 glasses on a normal day, so when it's hot even more may be necessary! Remember, if you're thirsty, it means you're already dehydrated, so keep sipping even when you might not feel you need to.

Keep the sun out and windows shut☀️ Although you may thing open windows and sunshine are what Summer is all about, it won't help you keep cool during a heatwave. Try to close curtains and blinds to stop the sun beating through, and shut windows to prevent warm breezes getting in. Consider opening windows again after the sun sets when the air outside is cooler.

Eat cold food. Try to eat a cold lunch when nourishing yourself for you day! It may be tempting to cook up a feast, but turning the oven or hob on can massively increase your indoor temperature. Stick to salads, sandwiches and other foods that don't require heating up. If you have the option, try eating foods with high water content, like strawberries, cucumber, lettuce and watermelon as these will help you stay hydrated. 

Work in the morning. During a heatwave, the heat is most prevalent in the afternoon, so it's definitely best to try and get as much work as you can done in the morning, when the sun isn't as strong. Most importantly, keep out of the sun between 11am and 3pm, this is usually the hottest time of day, so ensure you stay indoors or in shade. 


Little Tips:

Take your socks off 🧦 

Avoid caffeine ☕️

Take a cold shower 🚿