Met Gala Madness

This years Met Gala theme was ‘Gilded Glamour’ and you might be wondering what on earth that means. Vogue had said pre Gala that it "will ask its attendees to embody the grandeur — and perhaps the dichotomy — of Gilded Age New York”. 

Again… what does this mean?

The Guilded Age was a period of time extending from 1870 to 1900  whereby America saw economic growth, particularly in Northern and Western United States. The theme itself is referring to a time in New York of a rapid wealth and fancy buildings’ development e.g. Waldorf Astoria and Metropolitan Club. With this theme, we could expect to see corsets, gloves and floor length gowns. 

What did we think of the looks at Mondays Met Gala?

First and foremost, Kim K wore Marylin Monroe’s $5 million gown she wore in 1962 (right) to wish President John F. Kennedy a Happy Birthday. It was originally sketched by Bob Mackie and hand-sewn with 6,000 crystals by costumier Jean Louis. The dress was fit perfectly to Marilyn, so Kim supposedly had to lose 16 pounds to fit into it!

Next up, Riz Ahmed who pays homage to the ‘unseesn’ group of the Gilded Age - “immigrant workers who kept the Gilded Age golden”. Riz was well styled my Julie Ragolia, also put him in a long, Cartier necklace inspired by Indian style. 

Blake Lively served a dramatic dress transformation at the Met Gala this year. Her Artilier Versace dress was inspired by New York City and the Statue of Liberty. The dress started as a rich pink and transformed into a stunning turquoise and gold colour through an extravagant train. 

In an interview, she explained that the change in colour was referring to the oxidisation process of the Statue of Liberty….. creative right?

Blake’s look was by far one of my favuorites and she definitely understood the assignment.

Stormzy up next making his Met Gala debut! Stomzy wore a white Burberry wool cape. Stormzy said ‘“Usually I wear all black a lot of the time… so it’s nice to shine today,” per Metro.

There were countless unforgettable fashion moments from this year Met Gala. We saw many celebrities championing sustainable fashion. Both Kim K and Emily Ratajkowski wore something from seasons past; Emma Stone even rewore her wedding gown! Billie Eilish wore an upcycled Gucci gown, Amber Valletta wore a dress from the 1980’s and HoYeon Jung wore a denim minidress from 2017 Louis Vuitton - the list goes on! 

 Today, fashion accounts for up to 10% of global carbon dioxide output, so it’s great to see celebrities leading the way when it comes to sustainable fashion. 

 What do you think of the looks? Are there any colours you’re obsessed with atm? Let us know!