Packaging Design Showcase

We at Avorium are passionate about our brand and its image. We want our fonts, colour schemes and general vibe to reflect our values and our company ethos. Our products are all pastels and are designed to promote productivity and healthy working. However, the first impression our online customers get from us is via our packaging. We’ve worked hard to ensure the unboxing experience from start to finish excites the same feelings as the Avorium products do themselves. In addition, we must ensure that the same environmental standards are met – we cannot claim to be a sustainable business if we hold our products to high eco standards but not our packaging. Therefore, we consider our packaging part of the product. Here’s how we’ve created a luxury unboxing experience that is both kind to the environment and perfectly reflects us as a brand…


The Box


Our beautiful, baby blue gift boxes are Pantone matched to our Clarity product collection. Clarity is one of Avorium’s calmer tones and probably the most universally liked in the whole range. This is what makes it the perfect colour choice for our packaging. Each box includes a tasteful Avorium logo foiled in gold for that luxury touch. Whilst our boxes look and feel elegant and classy, they are also incredibly robust. They are strong and sturdy and can survive travelling up and down the country in the post! Perhaps most importantly, they are fully recyclable. We’ve actually found that many of our customers like to reuse the boxes in their homes, which we take as a huge compliment!

Avorium Clarity Gift Box


The Bags


To complement our gift boxes, the shopping bags used in our York store are also Clarity coloured! Once again, we included our Avorium logo and even added a little “Please recycle me” message to the design. We felt this was an important touch as often, brands will make the effort to ensure their packaging is recyclable, but that is useless if not conveyed to the customer! We decided not to coat the bags in any laminate for this very reason and even used white cotton handles, so feel it’s our responsibility to inform the customer that the bags can be recycled. Sometimes, customers will buy a Clarity gift box and also need a bag – we love it when this happens as the two complement each other so well! It’s such a great way to receive a gift too!

Avorium Clarity Gift Bag

The Tissue (content provided by noissue!)


Tissue paper is excellent for showing off branding and adding that bit of oomph to any packaging! We like making our customers' unboxing experiences memorable, so we use Tissue Paper from noissue for our items! noissue is a sustainable packaging company specializing in circular packaging materials. So, you can bet our acid-free Tissue Paper is printed using Soy-based Ink and is composed of recycled materials certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). Acid-free Tissue has a higher pH level than traditional paper and doesn't contain sulphur and lignin, which release acids when broken down. Instead, it has alkalines like calcium carbonate to neutralize the Tissue Paper further, giving it a longer shelf life without turning yellow and fragile. Being chemical-free guarantees healthier biodegradability when composted and can be safely reused or recycled alongside other materials. Through our branded Tissue Paper, we can show our customers how much we care about their experience with us while being kind to the environment!


Avorium Noissue Tissue Wrapping

More Avorium Noissue Tissue Wrapping


We hope that all these measures we have taken to create a luxury, but eco-friendly packaging experience are appreciated by our customers. However, if you can see a way in which we can improve on any element of our packaging, please let us know! We’re always looking for ways we can improve our business as a whole, especially when it comes to being kind to the environment, so please do help us to do that if you can!


We’re also always keen to see how our customers are reusing our bags and boxes, so tag us in any pics of genius recycling! Be sure to tag noissue too in any unboxings! @avorium_london @noissueco


Thank you to noissue for helping us on our journey to becoming as sustainable a brand as possible; and indeed for providing content for this post! We look forward to continuing working with you!