Colour Matching Guide

Colour is at the heart of the Avorium experience – whether you’re a peaceful wallflower or a fiery extrovert, Avorium has a colour to suit your personality. We have made sure that there is a colour for everyone - there is nothing more satisfying than owning a matching set! But our colours can be combined to create a collection that’s even more personal! Read on to find out more…

Colour Match 1 – Cool, Calm and Collected

It’s virtually impossible to become overwhelmed with both Balance and Clarity on your desk; the combination of these two colours will keep you grounded and focussed on even the most stressful of tasks! The muted tones of Clarity compliment the neutrality of Balance beautifully to keep stress and worry at bay. It’s easy to let little tasks pile up when there are bigger, more pressing jobs to be completed, but the “Cool, Calm and Collected” combination will help you keep everything in perspective and get all your tasks finished!

Colour Match 2 – Getting things done!

Do you ever just get a burst of energy and feel the need to get things done? This is exactly how this our “Getting things done!” colour combination makes us at Avorium feel! A desk full of Passion and Optimism will make you want to seize the day and tick off your whole to do list. Combining the red of Passion with the yellow of Optimism is Avorium’s answer to Rhubarb and Custard. With these colours on your desk, nothing can stop you!

Colour Match 3 – Pretty Pastels

Clarity goes hand in hand with productivity – set your goals, mark out a clear path and nothing can stop you from achieving them! On the other hand, who doesn’t love a little Mystery in their life? These two opposing ideas are tied together with Affection to create our “Pretty Pastels” combination. These colours are so cute, they will make you fall in love with your desk, and hopefully whatever you are working on! Their muted tones work together to brighten your day and make you want to achieve your goals and more.

Colour Match 4 – 70s Kitchen

Veering away from traditional colour matches, this “70s Kitchen” combination isn’t for the fainted hearted. Like its namesake, this combo is bright and daring with more than a few clashes. Affection, Optimism, Harmony and Imagination come together in an explosion of colour adding energy and life to any workspace. Let your ideas run wild and set your imagination free; “70s Kitchen” allows you to break all the rules! Boring Zooms and tedious facetimes are a thing of the past with this combination – no doubt these colours will spark endless comments from friends and colleagues!

So if you’re bored of matching sets, or want your desk to show a little more personality, try one of these combinations. At Avorium we’re always blown away by how our customers combine our products and colours – if you’ve found a winning combination, please tag us on Instagram @avorium_london and we’ll be sure to weigh in on your fabulous fusion!