It’s Spring! An update on the perfect colour palette

Winter is finally over! As we put our bobble hats and puffy coats away, it’s time to start adding warm colours back to our workspaces. We’ve picked out the Avorium colours that best represent Spring and are all you need to shed those winter blues! 

It is amazing how much a colour palette can affect your mood; get ready to brighten up your workspace by adding a touch of colour to stay productive and get things done! Longer days and a bit more sunshine calls for some warmer tones…


Yellow Image


Spring is certainly a time to be optimistic – it is a time of new beginnings and good habits. Optimism (Avorium’s take on sunshine yellow) totally captures that feeling; it’s bright and cheery and makes you want to be productive. It adds life to any workspace whether that’s with a folio or even just a coaster! Take a look at this article about how yellow can affect your mood: Incredible! Follow this link to browse Avorium’s Optimism collection and get those endorphins released!: 

(Side note: Optimism is COO Georgia’s favourite of all the Avorium collections!)


Green Square
We all need Harmony in our life; enough of a balance between work and relaxation to get things done but not feel burnt out. Harmony is Avorium’s take on a fresh, vibrant green that is both calming and inspiring. Read our blog about the benefits of colour in the workspace here: It turns out green doesn’t cause eye fatigue in the same way as other colours do – amazing! Why not reorganise your desk with our Harmony collection?:  
Did you know that Harmony was our best selling colour last week?! Everyone's brightening up their workspaces for Spring!



Something else that none of us can live without is a little bit of Affection! This one is a crowd favourite – the most adorable pink! No matter what time of year, we should treat everyone with kindness, and each do our bit to make the world a better place. Affection desk accessories are a great way to get out of the winter slump and brighten up your workspace. Why not send a gift from our Affection collection to a friend to show them that you care?: 



Imagination - Avorium's take on a peachy salmonPeaches capture the essence of Spring

The final piece of the Spring pastel puzzle is Imagination – Avorium’s peachy salmon colour. It’s fresh, vibrant, and pretty unique! It veers away from the more traditional stationery colours but still fits that “calm but fun” Spring vibe. A truly one-of-a-kind gift, or the perfect way to treat yourself! We’ve found that our Imagination Notebooks have become more popular as the weather has got warmer – such a cute product to take out and about, journaling as you go! Take a look at the whole collection here:


How great do these Spring pastels look together?! 

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