Paper, Forests and the Environment

We at Avorium are passionate about the environment. We only have one planet so it is important that we do everything we can to preserve it. We try and produce all of our products sustainably but there is one material we use that gets a bad reputation – paper. This article serves to set the record straight and bust widely believed myths surrounding paper sourcing and its impact on the environment.

Myth 1
 Forests have to be destroyed to make paperIt is widely believed that because paper is made from trees, forests are chopped down to keep up with paper supply. This is not true! All Avorium paper is FSC approved – this means that the Forest Stewardship Council has certified that the forest from which the paper came is managed sustainably. This includes “maintenance of the ecological functions of the forest and its biodiversity” (from the FSC website). In many cases, these forests are actually growing, not shrinking!

Myth 2
Using paper is wastefulIn fact, paper is one of the most widely recycled products on the planet. In Europe, 72% of all paper is recycled [1]! This is set to increase in the future as local collecting systems improve and people become more aware of how easy it is to recycle paper. People’s attitudes towards recycling is also being influenced by key figures like Greta Thunberg and David Attenborough, whose views surrounding the environment have powerful effects on public opinion. This will serve to further increase the rate at which paper is recycled.

Myth 3
Electronic alternatives are better for the environment than paperMany people believe that substituting their physical notebook for an electronic alternative will help to save the planet. However, this assumption does not take into account the ICT carbon footprint, or indeed the electronic waste problem that is constantly growing. The ICT industry is predicted to account for 14% of global greenhouse gas emissions by 2040 [2]! In addition, in 2016 alone, 44.7 million tonnes of e-waste were generated globally, which is colossal [3]. In summary, we try and act sustainably in every part of our business including the manufacture of our products. We hope that this myth busting has helped to convey that our paper products are environmentally friendly. We are always striving to have a positive impact on our planet – if you feel the same, please share with us the ways you are an eco-warrior by tagging us on Instagram (@our_insta_handle)! Together, we can save the planet for generations to come!Sources:[1] European Paper Recycling Council, Monitoring Report 2018. [2] Belkhir L & Elmeligi A, Journal of Cleaner Production: Assessing ICT global emissions footprint: Trends to 2040 & recommendations, 2018. [3] Ellen MacArthur Foundation, 2018