Why Are Avorium Diaries So Worth it?

When we talk about our Diaries, we always mention how good they are compared to other ones you find on the high street. Here's a little summary of why our Diaries make great every day additions to your life. 


Avorium Diaries are undated, meaning they can be used all year round. 

This practical, week-view diary is sure to keep you organised. With extra space for notes, personal goals, new year’s resolutions, deadlines and to-do's, this is the ultimate organisational tool!

Paper Thickness

The paper thickness of our books is 100gsm. Gsm means grams per square meter. The average thickness of a notebook 70-80 gsm, and higher quality paper starts at 90gsm, so Avorium books are guaranteed for smooth writing, no ink bleeding, and a soft feel. 

Sustainable Paper

All paper used at Avorium is FSC Approved. 

Through responsible management of forests, and verifying the use of recycled materials, the FSC system can help secure a long-term source of paper. FSC can enable the paper and printing sectors to demonstrate their commitment to responsible forestry. 


Complete with a wonderfully crafted matching ribbon to keep your place, and coloured edging, this carefully designed book differentiated itself from others. 

With the option of personalisation, this book is second to none when it comes to both practical and visual design.

Carbon Offsetting 

While we have tried our best to reduce our carbon emissions as much as we can, we have also teamed up with Earthly to offset both our initial start-up emissions and ongoing environmental impact. We have calculated the carbon footprint of our initial product intake and have offset this by 200%. We want to be climate positive, not just neutral!