When the Foil Hit the Fan: A Tale of Resilience and Customer Service at Avorium

In the world of small business, challenges are bound to arise, and how we respond to them can make all the difference. At Avorium, we recently found ourselves facing an unexpected and daunting hurdle that put our customer service to the ultimate test. 

Our pride and joy at Avorium is our flat-bed foiler, a machine that allows us to add a touch of elegance and individuality to our products by personalising them with stunning gold foil. Customers love the fact that they can walk into our store, request personalisation, and leave within minutes with their bespoke items, adding an air of luxury and sentimentality to their purchases. 

Last week, however, the unimaginable happened. Our trusty foiler broke down, and we were faced with the reality of not being able to offer same-day personalisation – a core feature of our service. Panic initially set in as customers who had come to rely on us for swift personalisation were left disappointed. To make matters worse, we had online customers expecting their personalised orders to arrive the next day, a feat that seemed impossible without our foiler up and running.

Though the situation was challenging, we knew that we had to tackle it head-on. Our team at Avorium immediately swung into action, determined to minimise the impact on our customers and salvage the situation.


Honesty: The Best Policy

We believe in the value of transparency and communication, especially when things go awry. Our first step was to be honest with our customers about the unexpected breakdown of our foiler. We contacted each customer individually to inform them of the situation, apologise for any inconvenience caused, and offer alternatives.


Prioritising and Setting Expectations

 With the foiler out of commission, we had to adjust our workflow to prioritise other aspects of the business. While some orders had to be delayed, we made sure to fulfil those that were not dependent on the personalisation process promptly. For those awaiting personalised items, we gave realistic timelines, ensuring they knew what to expect.


Going the Extra Mile

Some orders were particularly time sensitive (gifts for birthdays and the like!), so they became our absolute priority. We even invited one customer to our home to collect an emergency order that otherwise would not have been received in time for an event. Additionally, we provided updates on the progress of the foiler's repair, keeping our customers engaged and informed.


The Power of Good Customer Service

 To our immense relief, our customers responded with understanding and empathy. While there were a few disappointed customers, the majority appreciated the effort we put into communicating with them and finding alternatives. It was a humbling reminder that good customer service can bridge the gap even in difficult times.


Learning and Growth

 The week without the foiler was a valuable learning experience for us at Avorium. We discovered the importance of having contingency plans for unexpected breakdowns, as well as the significance of open communication with our customers. Our team also became more adept at managing priorities and ensuring that customer expectations were properly managed during such challenging periods.


Resilience Prevails

 As we look back on that challenging week, we can't help but feel grateful for the resilience of our team and the unwavering support of our customers. The experience reminded us that, despite our best efforts, mishaps can occur in any business. However, by remaining transparent, offering outstanding customer service, and being proactive in resolving issues, we were able to weather the storm.

At Avorium, we cherish both the moments of triumph and the lessons learned from adversity. This experience has reaffirmed our commitment to providing exceptional products and service to our customers. As we move forward, we'll carry the spirit of perseverance and customer-centricity with us, knowing that sometimes, even when the foil hits the fan, we can emerge stronger and more determined than ever before.