Make the Most of Your Bullet Journal

Bullet Journal Top Tips:

Don’t compare 

Everyone’s Bullet Journal is different, and you don’t have to have fancy drawings like the ones you see all over Pinterest. Your Bullet Journal is for YOU, and you have complete control over what you use it for – even if you just fill it with lists, ideas and scribbles. Plus, the more you use your Bullet Journal, the more you’ll learn what you want to use it for. Your Bullet Journal can have your name written all over it!

Find Inspiration 

Starting a Bullet Journal can be intimidating to new users. There are so many communities and sites that can offer inspiration for new Bullet Journal Ideas for you. I love to use Pinterest as an inspiration source - a lot of the time to see how other people lay out their pages. 

Invest in Good Stationery

Using the right pens can make or break your Bullet Journal experience, especially if you’re going to draw and make monthly cover pages. Sometimes, even having a ruler on hand can help organise your Bullet Journal into sections. In addition to this, having an organised workspace will ultimately put you in a better headspace to organise the rest of your life and work.

Habit Tracker 

Habit Trackers require daily entries and can be so informative. They remind you to do things like check secondary email, floss, water plants, etc. and informs you of how often you do certain things. Look at examples online to see what sort of habit trackers you can create!

I hope this has given you some good ways to keep your Bullet Journal full of content that works for you! Thanks for reading :)