Think local! 7 reasons why supporting local business is good for your community

Avorium is proud to be a local business run by a local family. It is an honour to be part of the small business community in York (our hometown!). It's great to hear how many of our customers love the fact we are a local, independent business and have wanted to support us at the very start of our business journey. Sometimes it's not easy running a small business, but the support from the local community so far has been fantastic.
York is known for its independent shopping scene, and we want to see it stay that way! Thank you everyone for your support so far and do read on to find out why shopping local is so important!
  1. Reduced environmental impact


By buying locally, you are reducing the amount of pollution to the environment that is associated with your purchase. If you have ordered online from the other side of the country, the goods must travel to you, most likely emitting greenhouse gases along the way! Buying locally means that you are preventing the carbon footprint of those goods getting any bigger – the impact stops with you! If we can keep our carbon footprints as low as possible, then we can reduce the amount of emissions accumulating in the atmosphere and thus slow down or even prevent global warming and climate change.

Shop Local and Protect the Environment 

  1. Better Customer Service


When shopping in an independent shop in your town, you are likely to be interacting with staff who care about the business and its customers – maybe even the business owner! This means they will care about your experience as a customer and will be keen to leave a good impression such that you leave having had a positive experience. Unfortunately, the same can’t always be said about the bigger brands.


  1. Supports local people


Buying from an independent shop is directly supporting someone in your community; any sales will support their livelihood.  The shop or business will not survive without local support, so if you want it to stay on your local high street, make sure you think twice about shopping in a chain!


  1. Quality over quantity


Small businesses think long and hard about the products they want to sell as they often can’t afford to provide the range of choice that larger businesses can. Therefore, you will only find quality products that the businesses owners feel passionate about in their stores. Products are also far more likely to have been designed to survive trend cycles so will often be timeless and classic.

Avorium's High Quality Products 

  1. Unique products!


Along with the products being good quality and thoughtfully chosen or designed, the products a small business sells will often be unique! We at Avorium designed all our products ourselves so you won’t find them anywhere else! Shopping local is a great way to ensure you’re buying something unique. This is often appreciated when buying a gift; the recipient will love the fact that not everyone is walking around with exactly the same thing!


  1. Stronger local economy


When you buy from a local business, you’re investing in that business. They will then use local resources and people such as plumbers, window cleaners, or any other services they need. Therefore, supporting a local business is actually supporting all the other small business that they rely on. This strengthens the local economy as a whole! Equally, local businesses are run by local people and any success they may have will result in further spending in the local area. A win win!


  1. Builds a strong community


Shopping local also builds a strong community feel. Larger businesses hire more people and will normally have a higher turnover rate of staff. Whereas when you visit small, local businesses, you will often be interacting with the owners themselves! You can go back and see the same friendly face time and time again! This builds a strong community feel not only between businesses and their customers, but also between different local businesses.
York's Local Community

So there you have it! If you like to shop local, let us know on social media! We love meeting customers face to face in York, so do come in and say hi!