Study Spots in York

Finding the perfect little study spot as a professional or student can be hard. Sometimes you might feel bad sitting in a small independent coffee shop for hours and only buying a few coffees, or maybe some places are just too loud.
Here is the perfect guide to York’s best study Cafes…
Mybureauwork/Cafe 42
Mybureauwork/Cafe 42 on Micklegate has a FREE co-working space (subject to a £5 spend in the café).
This is a more formal workspace where you can feel guilt free about working in a café!
200 Degrees
200 Degrees on Low Petergate. This chain, only recently appearing in York city centre, is a great café to work in. With lots of seating options, from stools, small tables, and booths, 200 Degrees is great for personal or group work. From my own experience, they offer great coffee!
Rehab Piccadilly
Rehab Piccadilly on Piccadilly. One of my favourite places in York. Great for not only studying, but also a casual pint and a good pizza! The staff are friendly, and they have some great (non-distracting) music.
Forty-Five Vinyl Café
Forty-Five Vinyl Café on Micklegate. This café is quirky and perfect for a quick study session. With good seating choices and plant décor, get focused here and be productive.
I hope you enjoy trying these cafés out, whether it’s for studying or not! Let us know any others you enjoy going to, and we can add them next time!
Thank you!
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