Working From Home

It is very likely that over the next few years, a lot more people will start to work from home, not only as a result of COVID but also as so many roles become more digitally focussed. Working from home can provide several benefits, but it is important not to slip into a less productive routine as all your homely distractions are around you. We have outlined below some tips for optimising your working from home environment.


  1. Keep a schedule!


It is very easy to allow distractions to take over when working from home. Why start on this new task when the kettle is right there, or the TV remote? One great tactic to keep on top of your tasks is to start each day by segmenting your time into periods of work or relaxation. By taking some time in the morning to work out exactly what you would like to accomplish, how much time each task will take and then allocating some to time it will make it far easier throughout the day to sit down and concentrate.


One massive reason for this is knowing when your rest periods are built into your day. Instead of ambling from one job to the next without an overall plan for the day, it is much easier to take a break now rather than later! Make a schedule and stick to it!


  1. Stay active


When I am working from home it very quickly becomes hard to keep my work and home life separate. Taking several breaks during the day to be active can be a really useful way to recalibrate your mind as well as being physically healthy.


Firstly, going for a walk during your lunch break can be a lovely way to break up your day. You can vary this as much as you like, change up the lengths, routes, or even meet up with a friend! Even taking 20 minutes to spend some time in nature will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to get back to work in the afternoon.


I am very conscious of how much time I spend sitting down when working from home. In the afternoon, I like to spend half an hour doing some sort of exercise. This can be going for a run, being active at home or even cleaning the house! I cannot work in a messy environment, so taking a short break to clean up can give your brain a break, get your blood flowing and help you be more productive when you get back to work!


  1. Your workspace


Taking some time to optimise your workspace is a crucial way to maximise your productivity for working from home. There are several things to take into account.


  • Aesthetic – It is really important to enjoy the space you work in. When you wake up in the morning, it is such a boost when you are excited to sit at your desk and enjoy your environment. At Avorium, we really appreciate this and have made this a main focus in our collections.
  • Ability to Work – Of course, the primary function of a workspace is your ability to work in it! A few things to check immediately is whether you have enough space, are you comfortable and can you spend the majority of your day in this area! Remember, especially if you have Zoom calls throughout the day, to make sure the space behind you is neat and tidy!


  1. Take Breaks!


Getting enough exercise and staying healthy is of course a huge factor when working from home, but it is also so important to give your mind and body a rest at regular intervals throughout the day. Taking a mid-morning break to enjoy a coffee and catch up on the news is a fantastic way to switch off from work for a few minutes and get up to speed on world events.


I like to schedule calls with friends in the afternoon. Feeling a bit lonely is very common when working from home, as you are not surrounded by colleagues. Even arranging a short 5-minute chat in the afternoon can be a great way to socialise, switch off from work and catch up with a friend! Especially in a world where social interactions can be difficult at the moment, I’m sure there are a lot of people who would love an afternoon chinwag!



Above are just a few tips for working from home. I really recommend taking some time to think about your workspace, daily routine and ways to stay fit and healthy. For a lot of us, working from home is a big chance to normality, so it is normal to not know exactly how to tackle it!