The New Interactive York Quiz Trail

Embark on our Quiz Adventure starting at the picturesque intersection of Petergate and Stonegate, where the grandeur of York Minster unfolds before you. Don't miss the enchanting statue of Minerva, the Roman goddess of wisdom and learning, perched above a charming corner shop—a former haven for writers and bookworms.

Cat Gallery (45 Low Petergate):
Question 1: "The Cat Gallery is the home of the York Cat Trail. Can you tell us the name of cat 22 residing in the window display at The Cat Gallery?" Dive into the shop to uncover the answer!

Il Gusto (62-68 Low Petergate):
Question 2: "Ever wondered where Petergate street got its name?" Discover the answer as you step inside IL GUSTO for an unexpected tasting session and an exclusive 10% discount.

Continue your journey past King's Square and venture to Colliergate.

Totally Awesome (8 Colliergate):
Explore the fascinating 16th-century structure that is Totally Awesome, the coolest toy shop in York.
Question 3: "Do you know the meaning behind the name Colliergate? Seek the answer within the shop and partake in a delightful surprise activity to earn your golden ticket for Avorium (located at 13 Colliergate).

Present your Golden Ticket at Avorium to discover if you're a winner! Engage with our next quiz question, which delves into the history of the shortest street in York, "Where did Whip-ma-whop-ma gate get its name?". Afterward, journey through a charming snickelway at Whip-ma-whop-ma gate, leading you to the famous, magical Shambles street for a quick taste of Hebden Tea.

Hebden Tea:
Question 5: "Which tea leaves can be infused several times?" Look for the answer on a leaflet you can collect inside Hebden Tea shop.

Mr. Chippy:
On Church Street, visit Mr. Chippy, one of York's oldest traditional fish & chip shops.
Question 6: "Can you name the Yorkshire-based spicy alternative to salt that you can sprinkle on your chips?" Uncover the answer and enjoy a generous 25% off on traditional haddock & chips!

Loopy Scoops:
Next door, at Loopy Scoops, discover Gromit, the iconic British character.
Question 7: "Which Yorkshire cheese is associated with Wallace & Gromit?" Step inside the shop to find the answer and treat yourself to your favorite milkshake with a delightful 25% discount.

Old Penny Lane (19/23 Feasegate - near Parliament Square):
Conclude your adventure at Old Penny Lane, just past the Visit York Information Centre.
Question 8: "When was the last old penny made?" Venture inside to unravel the answer and try your hand at the Old Arcades for as little as £3!

Embark on this captivating quiz trail, unravel York's secrets, and enjoy exclusive discounts and surprises along the way.