Earthly - carbon ofsetting

At Avorium we are committed to sustainability and working in the most environmentally friendly way possible. While we have tried our best to reduce our carbon emissions as much as we can, we have teamed up with Earthly to offset both our initial start-up emissions and ongoing environmental impact. We have calculated the carbon footprint of our initial product intake and have offset this by 200%. We want to be climate positive, not just neutral! We have contributed to tree planting projects in Madagascar, Peru and the Amazon Rainforest. In total, we have already contributed to the removal of 15.048 tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere. That’s the equivalent of 122,941 kilometres driven in a car, or 60 hours on a plane! As well as this initial offsetting, we are giving our customers the option to contribute to these projects too! Every time you checkout on our website, you will have the option to plant a tree with your order. We will keep a running tally of all the trees planted by Avorium and our customers, so we can all see how we are positively contributing to the environment. You can follow the link below to see our current impact:

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